Snow in Spring

Colorado is amazing. This past week has been ranging between 60 and 70 degrees. The sun has been shining and the breeze has been light and refreshing. This morning I stepped outside to take out the trash, and what did I find? It was snowing and still is. Dishon is on the plane home from the Oklahoma NFB convention. What a way to come home. My best friend Katie has been staying at our house this past weekend which has been awesome. We rarely see each other as she lives in Wisconsin. So it was nice to have company while my hubby was away. She even brought her guide dog. While we didn’t paint the town red, I cooked my famous chicken alfredo and we simply enjoyed spending time together. Last night, my sister brought her two children over and we enjoyed Subway and sat outside before the sun went down and the sky became grey foreshadowing the coming snow. So at least she was able to enjoy nice weather for a majority of her visit.


I always thought that Craigslist would be such a pain to use. I also thought it cost a lot to post ads. It turns out it’s not only easy to use, but it doesn’t cost unless you are posting jobs or travel and vacation. I decided to post a few ads over the weekend. For those who have thought about doing so, it’s easy with both a computer and the smart phone app. It’s blind friendly, as well. The only part of the app that is iffy in the area of blindness is the menus at the bottom of the screen. When you run your finger over them while using voice over, all it will say is “button.” But once you click, you will know what they are. Since there are only five, it’s easy to remember which one’s which. Anyway, I have placed three ads thus far. Two were related to teaching and proofreading Braille and the other related to Avon. If anyone has thought about using Craigslist, I would highly recommend it. Be careful when doing so. As always, there are people ready to take without fulfilling their end of the deal. I have not yet run into that, but I am not going into it blindly, for lack of a better word.

Girl’s Night

Sometimes the guys need to be with the guys and the girls need to be with the girls. Right now, I’m needing to be with the girls. Why post about this? Well, I want to express and demonstrate that the blind partake in normal activities like that. A lot of people make the assumption that the blind just sit at home and collect benefits from the government. I can’t vouch for every existing blind person out there, but I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. So, tonight, I am going out with a few girlfriends to a local restaurant. From what I understand, it’s a tea and cocktail type place. Not sure what they serve in terms of food. Something else I wanted to address was the fact that I am hard of hearing on my left side. When going out with friends, it’s not my first choice to go to a loud bar. I want to be able to have a decent conversation. So at this place in particular, it sounds like we will be able to do that. For those who don’t participate in the occasional girl’s or guy’s night, I highly recommend it. My husband and I are very much in love, but it’s healthy to be with your girls or buddies now and then. If your partner discourages it, there may be some insecurity.

Taking Initiative

It’s so easy to wait for someone else to do the work for you or stand behind you while you attempt to do it. As stated in other posts, I sell Avon outside of my full-time job. I’ve been having a lot of fun trying their different products and have sold some to a few friends and coworkers. I’ve had some trouble branching out further than that. So tonight, I got to thinking. Am I going to make a living out of this? Do I have what it takes? For one, I don’t like pushing people. If someone doesn’t want to buy something, they don’t have to. I also have difficulty with people who are rude. If you’re selling anything, you will run into rude people. Getting to the point, it was a beautiful evening in Littleton and Dishon had gone to the gym. One of the ladies who has been coaching me was planning to walk around my neighborhood with me to help my business grow. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, yet. So I thought, why not try it on my own? I decided to start with the nearest houses. A few weren’t home and a few weren’t interested. One man who answered the door did take a catalog and a sample from me, but who knows what that will bring. My next door neighbor made my evening. She was so excited to look at a catalog and take a sample of a new perfume. While less people were interested than I’d hoped, I’m further along than I was. Even if this isn’t what I end up doing for a living, Avon has great products and I will enjoy using them. But I’m proud of myself today. As the Colorado Center for the Blind puts it, I took charge with confidence. If I can do that a little more each day, who knows what may end up coming my way. <!–

Birthday Bowling

Yesterday was Dishon’s birthday. His main wish was to go bowling. So I reserved a couple of lanes at a local bowling alley and invited some of our friends to join us. We got a little turned around on the way, but we eventually found it and bowled for a couple of hours. How do blind people bowl? In my case, I didn’t keep track of my score. If you knock pins down, you can hear them fall. As far as our group was concerned, we all agreed to use bumpers. Not everyone uses them, but we all know what gutter balls sound like. It’s not the most appealing sound. For those who want to know their score, if they don’t have enough sight to see the screen, they can go to the front counter and ask as long as they know what lane number they had. After bowling, we went to dinner at a nice restaurant known as Ted’s Montana Grill. If you like steak, particularly bison, that’s one place I highly recommend. It’s not cheap, but it’s money well spent. Dishon was happy and that’s the most important thing. Initially, I was going to throw him a surprise party at our house. But he wanted to bowl so badly, I didn’t want him to be disappointed. So I coordinated and made it work. Some people went bowling, some people went to dinner. A majority of the group did both. It was great.

Where’s the Snow?

The state you live in will immediately determine how much people will panic about snow. Take Maryland for instance: I spent most of my life there, so I know full well that the amount of snow they have been getting there lately is out of the norm. Even an inch of snow sends people running to the store for all of the essentials. Then go to Colorado. There’s a drastic difference between the two states. We were expecting snow tonight. It still hasn’t showed up. Regardless, Dishon and I still went to IHOP for National Pancake Day. We could have easily been caught in the snow. But that said, ask yourselves the following question: how often are weather predictions correct in any state? Why wait until you’re expecting snow to run to the store? Make it a regular weekly ritual to get essentials. For us, buying in bulk is a pain because of our location. So we often do smaller shops. But here again, another difference between Colorado and Maryland is how many businesses are closed. Unless there are several feet of snow on the ground, we are getting on the bus and going to work. In Maryland, everything closes. My sister, as a matter of fact, was commenting over the phone recently about how many snow days her four children have had. Snow days are rare here in Littleton. But anyway, those are my thoughts of the day.

Sick for the Weekend

I rarely get sick. This is the second time I have had a cold within the last couple of months. What’s with this picture? Ok, I’ll stop whining now. I’m posting because I thought about the first time I was sick when I was a student at the Colorado Center for the Blind. When you live at home, you’re accustomed to your mom taking care of you. When you’re on your own, you have to take care of yourself. You have to heat up chicken noodle soup and make sure you’re taking medicine every few hours. When you’re married, you are supposed to take care of each other during those times. Dishon is at the store right now picking up some miscellaneous items including nose spray. While Dishon never gets sick, he is allergic to nuts. If he eats any, he gets sick to his stomach. Those are the times when I can be there for him. Whether it’s getting him water or holding the little trash can under him. I know that’s not pretty, but that’s what you do for your spouse. The hope is that this cold doesn’t stick around much longer. I do not like calling in sick for work.

Taking a Cab

While we teach our students each day that they should take advantage of public transportation, there are times when taking a cab is necessary. As a woman, walking alone late at night when the buses have stopped running is not advisable.Unfortunately, on weekends, buses stop running sooner. You would think they would run later on Saturday nights, but that’s not always the case. Some stop running as early as 8:00 p.m. People who do not drive–blind or sighted–have a right to stay out as long as they want. So what do you do? Unless you have a buddy who drives and only wants a little bit of gas money or something to eat, odds are you’re taking a cab. Be careful with cab drivers. If you find one that you really like, get their business card. There are cab drivers that will take the longest route possible and the meter keeps on running. I had a cab driver who stopped for gas and left the meter running. He also failed to tell me that there was a $15 fee to get in the cab. Then, like I warned you about, he took the longest route possible and didn’t listen to my sister when he talked to her on the phone for directions. My cab bill ended up being $70. OUTRAGEOUS! I was only prepared to pay $45. At that time, I was living in the middle of nowhere. So if I wanted to get to my sister’s house, I had to take a cab. Another good reason to take a cab is if you go grocery shopping. Getting groceries on the bus is doable, but a shop for the whole month can be a pain. There are also emergency situations where cabs are a good thing. Here’s the issue: cabs do not always show up right away. If you’re a woman in labor, but not too far along, that’s not so bad until contractions get really close together. But enough ranting for now. Be careful with cabs if you need to use them.

Post Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone. I hope everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day. I know I have been bad about keeping my blog updated, but this week has been crazy. I was not only working on my plans for my first Avon party, but I also had to prepare for the monthly chapter meeting of the National Federation of the Blind of Denver. I am currently the secretary for the Denver chapter board. That means I have to take notes during each meeting and read the notes from the previous meeting. Since it was my first time reading notes, I was nervous. It went really well. At the Avon party, I had several different samples of fragrances and gave away four door prizes: two for men and two for women. It was a lot of fun, but being my first party, I have a lot to learn. But as they say, every experience you have in your life can be a learning experience.