Last Saturday, a group of forty-five went to a casino known as the Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk. A majority of the group was blind. One might wonder how blind people would gamble successfully. Let’s start with the slots. Since Dishon and I have some vision, we were able to enjoy the slots. The ones we played were quarter slots. The numbers showing your current credits and the number of credits you won were bright red on black. When one has vision like mine, contrast helps. While I couldn’t visually tell what I won, I could tell by the sounds the machine made that I had won something. Both Dishon and I left with a little more than we came with, but that’s all I will disclose as far as money is concerned. In the area of table games, dealers are pretty good about telling you what’s on the table. They cannot deceive you because they are constantly on camera. While gambling isn’t something one should do all the time, it’s fun now and then. I have a feeling that Dishon and I will go back with a few friends in the near future.