Today, Dishon and I went on a bike ride. Before you gasp and your eyes dilate, let me explain some more. In order for the blind to ride a bike safely, the best option is tandem bike riding which is what we did today. An organization known as Eye Cycle does a number of rides every year. They vary in distance and the group usually stops for lunch at some point during the ride. Today, we rode for twenty-five miles total. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it all the way, but I finished what I started. It was perfect biking weather and the restaurant where we stopped had outdoor seating. Will I participate in every ride? Probable not. But now and then, it will be a fun thing for Dishon and I to do together. While the blind don’t have everything at their fingertips, the options for sports and exercise are expanding all of the time. Dishon participates in running at least once a week now. He ran a five mile run yesterday. How is this done safely? Each blind person is matched with a sighted guide and they hold a tether. Part of why I haven’t participated is the thought of putting that much trust in someone else. Sure the same somewhat applies to biking, but with biking you have the handle bars to hold onto. What’s important is that he is enjoying it. I can’t wait to go swimming soon.