Monday, May 19th is Dishon and my two year wedding anniversary. It seems like only yesterday we had gotten married and went on our honeymoon in Vail. Two years have gone by. We don’t always agree, but we communicate well and can put our feelings out on the table. Even if feelings get hurt, it’s not long before apologies are made when needed. We haven’t decided where we are going to celebrate, yet. Aside from that, I will be having a spa day to kick off my week of vacation time. While I love teaching Braille, I never take time off. Furthermore, I rarely call in sick. So this is well earned. I will post once we’ve celebrated and gifts are exchanged. No matter where we go, we will have a nice evening of quality time filled with love. Of course , people are always telling me that we have to make it past seven years and then we’re golden. I see no reason why we wouldn’t. We both said for better or worse and we meant it.