Yesterday, the Colorado Center for the Blind walked a beautiful bike path to the Hudson Gardens. It was a gorgeous day. The agenda was to tour the gardens, have lunch and then participate in a basic self-defense class. One may wonder how we managed to stay together on a bike path. Well, I would be lying if I said we never get separated. But often, what we’ll do is if someone gets ahead, they will wait at a turning point and verbally direct people to turn left or right. we also are informed if we should be walking on sidewalk, gravel, dirt, etc. The bike path we walked yesterday changed frequently as far as what it consisted of. If you ever walk a bike path with a friend, put a blindfold on and pay attention the your other senses. Feel the path change from sidewalk to gravel beneath your feet. Smell the air and feel the sun on your skin. Listen to the group of birds chirping in the trees. Beautiful things like nature and the outdoors truly demonstrate that blindness is not a tragedy. It’s just a characteristic. You can still enjoy life without sight. You can still smell the flowers and feel a nice breeze on a spring day. You can still go to the beach and smell the salty air combined with the food on the board walk. You can still enjoy the sensation of sand between your toes. If blindness was really a tragedy, I wouldn’t be able to say what I’ve said with confidence.