Today has been a nice day. I went shopping with one of my close friends at a local shopping mall. A lot of people wonder how blind people navigate malls. There are several approaches one can take. It also depends on whether or not you have specific stores in mind. If you have a specific store in mind, one approach would be to walk into a store and ask which store it is. If it’s the store you were looking for, great. If not, ask for directions to the store where you want to shop. Sometimes, different stores have different scents. I can almost always point out Bath and Body Works as well as certain candle shops. Once you’re in the store you were looking for, ask for a shopper’s assistant. Some stores are better with that than others. Today, my friend and I went into a dress store and no one there was very helpful. The lady behind the counter wouldn’t come around because of my friend’s dog. If you need to go up or downstairs, escalators are easy to hear. Whichever way you need to go, it will always be the one on your right if they’re right next to each other. If not, you can place your hand on the side and feel which way it’s going. The biggest pain in the neck when it comes to malls is navigating the parking lot. They’re huge and it’s hard to know if you’re following the right row of cars. It’s not impossible, it’s just always ben a component of travel that messes me up. Regardless, we had a great time and neither of us left empty handed. It’s never fun shopping for several hours and finding nothing.