One thing Dishon and I have been doing together lately is watching a show entitled “Growing Up Fisher.” It’s a family show narrated from the perspective of a man telling his family’s story starting from age 11. The parents are divorced and he has an older sister. So what’s the difference between this family show and others on television? The boy’s father is blind. The blind community often gets upset when television tries to interpret blindness and add it to a character. Silly? In some cases. In my view, blind jokes are ok if they don’t give the audience the impression that the blind are dirty or incompetent. So far, this show doesn’t do that at all. The father’s character is a lawyer. He has his own place, helps take care of the kids and is funny. Blind comments or jokes that are made are comments that are often said by blind people who are comfortable being blind. More importantly, if you can’t laugh at yourself once in awhile, you will more than likely be unhappy in the long run. I highly recommend that you check out this show if you haven’t already. If you have NBC and/or On Demand of some sort, you should be able to find it. Let me know what you think of it. I’m off to watch the latest episode.