As regular followers know, I want a baby very badly. I’ve wanted kids since I was a kid. Regular followers also know that the hold up is money. I either need to find a supplement from home or work just to pay for day care. Getting to the point, my husband is the President of the Colorado Association of Guide Dog Users (COAGDU). The other day, he and I worked with a group of friends to put packets together for an upcoming guide dog seminar. It got me thinking about getting a guide dog of my own. I’ve always considered the possibility, but I wasn’t sure why it came to mind then. At first, I thought it was simply because we were looking at so much material related to guide dogs. But then it hit me; I thought it might take my mind off of babies. Anyone who follows my blog and knows about guide dogs will know that that is the wrong reason to get one. Others have said, why not get another pet? Well, our landlord doesn’t allow pets. Yes, I have Randall, Dishon’s guide dog, but he will always be his dog primarily. So at this point, all I can do is give him love, keep job hunting, and know that things happen the way they’re supposed to.